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Grena, a.s. - purely Czech productions

Our company is proud of its Czech origin and honest Czech products, with which it has success not only on the Czech but also on foreign markets. That is why we have decided to include among the other 300 Czech companies and enterprises that mark their products with the Genuine Czech trademark.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Endowment Fund Czech Product, we have obtained a unique trademark and we can now mark all our products with a lion logo in Czech national colors, which will be appreciated especially by domestic customers who care whether the purchased product comes from the Czech Republic. We will also present the logo associated with our products abroad, where Czech products are also positively appreciated and considered to be of very high quality. After all, the world has been conquered by a number of Czech inventions and products, whether more or less conspicuous, which are not forgotten - such as Diviš's lightning rod, Ressl's propeller, Křižík's arc lamp, Wichterle's contact lenses, but also a versatile pencil or remoska.


tel.: +420 381 549 111
fax: +420 381 581 071
e-mail: grena@grena.cz
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