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 Important instructions for installation of Grenadeck terraces

  1. Keep the expansion joint between the solid wall structure and Grenadeck (or more precisely Grenacon beam) min. 10 mm
  2. Keep the expansion joints between Grenadeck profiles (planks side by side and behind) min. 5 mm
  3. Grenadeck profile overlap (over the Grenacon beam) may be max 50 mm

By following these instructions you will ensure adequate air circulation under and around the Grenadeck terrace.



Do not use as a load-bearing material.

For a long lifetime without unwanted bending and deflections it is absolutely necessary to comply with the ventilation and drainage, see installation instructions.

If exposed to the direct sunlight (outside temperature above 25 °C / 77 °F), the surface temperature of the product may rise significantly (mostly in dark shades). In these cases, we recommend that you slightly shade or water-cool it before a skin contact.


Warranty is provided for the entire system only if using all the recommended components and following the specified installation procedure, in case of construction with D forging, only with Grenacon structural beams.
Warranty applies only to cracks formations, peeling, mouldering and decaying.
Warranty does not take effect in case of: misuse, negligence, improper laying, infringement of installation procedure, changes in the product by the end-user, excessive loads, accidents, fire, natural disasters or use of external accessories.


This is a natural material - particular issues (batches) of the same colour can differ in shade.

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