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The sample fence Grenafence for a half price is designed only for sales areas.

Dear business partners

We would like to inform you about our offer of a sample fence Grenafence for  half price. Non-maintenance WPC fence panels Grenafence - the new trend of this year - are very much in demand and we would like to offer them to as many custumers as possible so they could take a view of the sample fence right in your shop!

We offer you a 50% discount of the price of  the whole fence system!

You just have to fulfill the following simple conditions:

  1. order the sample elements shown bellow (use a separate  order form, write in „Sample fence“)
  2. assemble the sample fence system within 30 days from the date of dispatch
  3. tag the fence with an enclosed tag of our company
  4. send a number of the invoice and a photograph of the sample fence system within 30 days from the date of dispatch on e-mail  faflikova @ grena.cz or kubesova @ grena.cz

After fulfilling the conditions and receiving the photographs, we will send you a tax credit for  50% of the original price. The offer is valid to 31.12.2012 and is designed for presentation  only in the sales areas.

The sample elements for the discounted fences are maximum:

  • 20 bm of fence panels Grenafence of any patterns and finish
  • 2 pcs of pillars á 1,5 m
  • 2 pcs of steel L beams á 3 m

We accept the offers for fences to 20 bm automatically, over-limit orders will be solved with you individually by our business department - as for over-dimensional requirements we reserve the right to declare off the special offer and suggest you a different solution.

If you like our offer, do not hesitate and contact us: telephone 381 549 124, fax 381 581 071 or e-mail faflikova @ grena.cz.

We wish you a lot of succes in your business.
Grena, a.s.
Company Management


tel.: +420 381 549 111
fax: +420 381 581 071
e-mail: grena@grena.cz
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