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Wood plastics profile Grenafence is also know as WPC - Wood plastic compound (synthetic wood)

The material is produced by extrusion of the components under the certain pressure and temperature.

Grenafence wood plastics is a combination of wood fibre and non-toxic thermoplastic polypropylene.

The material of the profile Grenafence is dyed in  bulk, ie. the material displays and retains the same colour tone in case of surface scratches and damage.
The profiles also subject to natural shading (also known as wooden patina) - due to the presence of sawdust , the colour fades over time. Fading takes several weeks to months and then retains throughout  the product´s lifetime. This effect is the same for all wood products. 

The profiles are 100% recycable. They are made of constantly renewing natural resources (cultivated coniferous stocks). The profiles are subject to wood regulations and are classified in the category All.  The remnants of the fences are recommended being disposed as bulky waste or put in junkyards. Environmental commitment of Grena, Inc.: If Grenafence pieces are without metal pieces, we will take them back for recycling.

The profiles Grenafence have extremely long service time - they contain polypropylene which is environmently friendly.

Grenafence profiles are made:

  • in five colours – brown, sand, grey, red-brown and orange.
  • in two surface finishes - brushed and not brushed
  • in three versions - roof arch, bevelled and flat
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The profiles Grenafence save money. They are maintenance-free and do not need any special coating and special oil treatment.

The system Grenafence is easily assembled and disassembled.

The profiles are free of rough splinters and cracks and they do not split and twist.

The profiles are workable only by common woodworking machines and tools.



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