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Ordering system

The ordering system of kitchen doors is software which will make your work easier - you can download the program and save it on your computer. It is easy to make an order of kitchen doors and at the same time you get an order for your customer, you know a purchase price immediately, you see the ordered goods and you can send the whole order easily by the electronic mail. The orders are recorded synoptically.

 Additionally the program will ´supervise´ the allowed combination of designs, shapes and producible sizes. It will also offer automatic updates - changes in a range of products, prices, links to producers, etc. The program also provides taking over orders from subordinate organizations and then send the orders centrally.

For using this software you need to know your customer number – you can get it simply by request on obchod1 @ grena.cz or obchod2 @ grena.cz. If you want us to send you a CD with instructions, contact us on kubesova @ grena.cz.


Instructions for download and installation

Download the installation program OSKD_INST.EXE

Basic installation is very easy, you do not need any special knowledge.

  1. For downloading of the installation program OSKD_INST.exe choose „save“ on your computer (size  cca 45 MB).
  2. When the program is downloaded in your computer, run it. The installation guide will help you with the installation.
  3. The program will be standardly installed in C:OSKD – it does not create any records in the Windows files.
  4. After the installation there will be an icon for running on the background. You will run the ordering system through this icon.
  5. If you have Windows 95 or 98 you have to download and install Dcom95.exe, or rather Dcom98.exe.
  6. The program is installed and you can run straight from the background.
  7. Uninstalling of the program: simply delete C:OSKD
  8. The program can also be run in the network. It is installed on computers which are out of the server and sharing is set in the menu Services - Setting the path.

Updates to download

Downloading of updates

  1. Get the version of our program either via program – „Help and Support“ and „About program“, or straight from Windows (the right button on GR_WEB.EXE – properties, version).
  2. If the version of your computer is lower than the up-to-date version (3. 0. 0.47 - updated: 21. 10. 2013 at 12:15 pm) and the automatic update does not work, you can download this version here. After downloading locate the module GR_WEB.EXE in C:OSKD and run it. By the updated version you can replace any previous one.


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