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Lacquered doors newly in high gloss

Dear customers,
we have expanded the range of lacquered kitchen and furniture doors Grena DD.

Our lacquered doors are now available not only in semi-matt finish but also in high gloss!

The magic of luxury for your interior

The lacquered door Grena DD is especially popular for its compact surface without visible transitions, durability and a wide range of colors.

It fits into all interiors to give it an airy and elegant look. Especially luxurious are the high-gloss lacquered doors, which have a high light reflectance, making each interior brilliant and optically enlarged.

You can choose from more than 190 shades from the RAL CLASSIC color chart, which we have NEWLY divided into 4 price categories according to color and gloss level:

  • B1 – Signal white RAL 9003 semi-matt
  • B2 – RAL CLASSIC semi-matt
  • S1 – Signal white RAL 9003 high gloss
  • S2 – RAL CLASSIC high gloss

All shapes of Handy, Ideal and Elegant series are suitable for painting. You can choose full, frame or lattice.

The front surface of our lacquered doors is milled and subsequently treated with high-quality UV-stable polyurethane varnish in velvet semi-gloss or NEW in high gloss.

It is up to you what degree of gloss you prefer.

In lacquered version you can also order listels, cornice strips and bar ramps.

How to maintain lacquered surfaces and other information, including business and technical conditions, see the updated painted door pricelist.



Published: 02. 10. 2019
tel.: +420 381 549 111
fax: +420 381 581 071
e-mail: grena@grena.cz
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