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Information about WPC production.

Dear business friends,

We would like to inform you that after seven years GRENA, a. s. has decided to stop production of WPC (wood plastic composite) terrase profiles Grenadeck and fences Grenafence.

Although we were very successful in this field as proven by your permanent interest in our WPC products, we had been thinking about this definite and final step for a long time. We have come to the conclusion that we have to focus our effort on one direction – interior products.

Thank you all for your longtime cooperation and we believe that you will appreciate our close specialisation and enhancing quality of specialist services, especially in the field of fire-resistant materials. We are reacting to the constantly growing interest mainly from our foreign customers. We have already been exporting to more than 30 countries all over the world although we aren´t leaving out our domestic market, either.

The sale of WPC products will be proceeded from our stock supplies, now with a significant bargain – with a discount of 25% on all goods until they sell out. You can send your orders via e-shop https://www.grena.cz/shop/ or on faflikova @ grena.cz. You can contact Mrs Zuzana Faflíková on this address or on this phone number +420 381 549 124 and she will be happy to answer all your questions or she will recommend you an alternative vendor of these materials.

With kind regards,
company management GRENA, a.s.



Published: 05. 11. 2014
tel.: +420 381 549 111
fax: +420 381 581 071
e-mail: grena@grena.cz
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