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New price list of Grena DD foiled doors
21. 06. 2021

Dear customers, due to the situation on the market and the increase of the prices of input materials, we are forced to change the price list...

Company holiday
15. 06. 2021

Dear customers, dear business partners. Please note that we willl have a company holiday from 7. 7. to 9. 7. and 26. 7. to 30. 7....

NEW! Digital printing on non-combustible boards
16. 02. 2021

Non-combustible vermiculite boards and shapes Grenamat are useful wherever there is a need to comply with the requirement for a high level of fire protection...

Company holiday
10. 07. 2020

Dear customers, dear business partners. Please note that we have a company holiday from 27.7. to 31.7. 2020. You can always find the delivery date on Order...

NEW - Grenagloss Veneer
25. 06. 2020

In cooperation with our sister company Jan Ficek Dřevovýroba, we have prepared special veneered MDF panels with special acrylic high gloss surface. These boards combining a...

Grena, a.s. - purely Czech productions
09. 06. 2020

Our company is proud of its Czech origin and honest Czech products, with which it has success not only on the Czech but also on...

Update of the offer of decors and catalog of Grenagloss boards
27. 04. 2020

Dear customers, in order for our range to correspond to the latest international trends, we have updated the offer of decors and a separate catalog of...

Measures in connection with the spread of coronavirus
16. 03. 2020

In recent days and hours there has been a steady increase in the number of people infected with coronavirus throughout Europe, including the Czech Republic....

Visit us at Progetto Fuoco 2020
31. 01. 2020

Dear business partners, we are delighted to invite you to visit Progetto Fuoco 2020, the international exhibition of systems and equipment for the production of wood-fired...

Company holiday
13. 12. 2019

Dear customers, dear business partners. Please note that we have a christmas company holiday from 23. 12. 2019 to 3. 1. 2020. We accept orders 24/7. You...

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