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Lamellas protection

1. carbon-fibrous CFRP lamellas

Carbon-fibrous CFRP lamellas are made of single-direction oriented carbon fibres.
Lamellas are bonded by means of Bisphenol A which is based on vinyl-ester resin solidifying at hot state.
Minimum amount of carbon fibres in lamella is 68% of the weight ratio. This composition ensures not only extreme strength and long service-life, but also a high degree of resistance against weather conditions and corrosion.

Offer: 3 types of lamellas.
Delivery: in straps with removable tapes on both sides.
After the tape is removed, the surface of lamellas is ready to be joined with the base layer without any further cleaning or treatment required.

The product is designed for fire-resistant paneling of CFRP carbon fiber lamellas, in horizontal and vertical construction. Grenamat AL surface can be finished by paper, high-pressure laminate, veneer, painted with acrylic paint, wall papered, tiled or finished by applying thin plaster. The product is not suitable for exteriors without adequate surface finishing.

Typical application

  • together with epoxy glue as additional reinforcing strengthening system for construction strengthening of concrete, brick and wooden structures
  • strengthening of concrete beams, pillars, surface constructions, bridge decks, walls, water-gates and adits
  • strengthening of holes which were made or cut through in originally compact walls
For further information about the application see the Technical sheet Stado Carbo lamella.




2. Non-flammable boards

A non-flammable board, classification of response to fire according to EN 13 501:1 is A1, produced from expanded vermikulite and inorganic bonding agent by means of pressing. A strong and relatively light board with volume weight ranging between 480 to 800 kg/m3 depending on the board thickness. Does not contain any mineral or glass fibres or asbestos.
It is environmentally friendly product and can resist temperatures up to 1350 °C. The boards have very good sound and heat insulating qualities.

They can be machined with common wood-machining tools.

The boards are treated with a water-repellent agent, so that their hydro-insulation qualities are increased. They are not intended for the outside environment.

The board can be treated on the surface with acrylic varnish, thin-walled plastic or high-pressure laminates (HPL), paper or veneer.

Boards are produced at the request of the fire resistance of structures, in formats according to the location and width of segments, the formats 1220 x 2440 mm, 300 x 800 mm with pressed plate lamella groove depth of 10 mm to 100 mm width.

Typical application

  • protection of building structures from fire, construction of fire-resistant walls and ceilings, protection of steel elements, air-conditioning pipelines etc.
  • heat insulation of furnaces, fireplaces and stoves
  • escape corridors, fire elevators, revision holes etc. can be paneled with these boards when surface treatment is applied
Further information about possible applications is to be found in the Technical sheet Grenamat AL Non-flammable boards.



Fire protection

Dimensioning of heat protection with Grenamat AL boards
Fire-resistance R (min) Thickness of Grenamat AL boards (mm)
30  50
45  60 (40+20)
60  65 (40+25)
90  75 (40+35)
120  80 (40+40)
Conditions for the application

The design and the method of installation of Grenamat AL panelling as a means of protection of lamellas need to be approved by Grena, a.s. in writing and such consent is granted after  training is held.

Approved and tested types of panels

a lamella 100 mm from
the edge of a hole

a lamella more than 100 mm
from the edge of a hole


a lamella less than 100 mm,
very close to the hole

lamellas closer than 100 mm
from each other, can
be paneled jointly




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