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Grenagloss is MDF boards with special high gloss acrylic foil, special high gloss PVC foil or special deep matt PET foil on one or both sides. The side with a high gloss (deep matt) is always covered by protection foil against scratching and for easier manipulation with the boards. Remove this foil after finishing all operations.


Special features:

  • ultra high gloss, or deep matt without running surface
  • resistance against UV radiation
  • colour retention
  • high resistance against scratching
  • easy cleaning and maintenance
  • easy machining



Standard design offer:

  • 1220 x 2440 mm (všechny tloušťky a dezény)
  • 220 x 2750 mm (tloušťka 8 a 18 mm – akrylátová fólie bílá, tloušťka 18 mm – PVC a PET fólie)
Supporting board
Front side
Rear side
MDF 2 mm Acrylic foil 1 (2) mm / PVC foil / PET foil Without finishing (raw)
MDF 8 mm Acrylic foil 1 mm Protitahová PS fólie bílá 1 mm s povrchem perlička
MDF 16 mm Acrylic foil 2 mm White HPL 1 mm
MDF 18 mm Acrylic foil 1 mm / PVC foil / PET foil White laminate
MDF 18 mm Acrylic foil 1 mm / PVC foil / PET foil Acrylic foil 1 mm / PVC foil / PET foil

Note.: Other types of MDF boards - Grenagloss,i. e. thickness of the supporting board, etc., are possible after previous agreement.



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