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Installation instructions

Important instructions for assembly Grenadeck terraces

  1. Keep an expansion joint between the stone construction of the wall and Grenadeck (or rather Grenacon, a slat) minimum 10 mm
  2. Keep expansion joints between Grenadeck profiles (planks next to each other and one after another) minimum 4 mm
    For the assembling itself the optimum temperature is 10 - 20° C. Obviously this is not always possible so you should count on expansion of a material of expansion joints. If the temperature deflects by 40° C, 1 bm of the plank stretches, or rather shortens by 1,3 mm. The length of a 2-metre plank can thus change (shorten due to frost, stretch due to heat) by 2,6 mm, the length of a 4-metre plank by 5,2 mm.
  3. An overlap of the Grenadeck profile over the Grenacon block is allowed maximum 50 mm
  4. Whilst using the Finish profiles for the terrace ending in the arch shape, it is necessary to warm up the profile before use (e. g. with a hot air gun).

By following these instructions you will ensure adequate air circulation under and around the Grenadeck terrace.

Installation of terrace´s system Grenadeck  (animation)
Installation of terrace´s system Grenadeck (.pdf)
Disassembly key for possible repair of terraces Grenadeck (.pdf)

!!! Important: consequence of violation the assembly instructions (.pdf, 3 MB)


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