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GRENA is a traditional producer of kitchen doors and board materials. Our range of products includes kitchen doors and fire-resisting, non-combustible and refractory materials Grenamat, Grenaisol and Grenaboard. It also offers MDF boards with a high gloss and a deep matt finish Grenagloss, foiled boards FFB as well as kitchen panels Splashback and bathroom panels Lustrolite.





Grenamat refractory boards ensure resistance against high temperatures up to 1200°C and heat shocks. The boards are made of non-combustible materials, do not represent any health hazards and are exclusive of any asbestos, glass or mineral fibres.
They are resistant to CO and CH4 in the atmosphere, and to liquid aluminium, cryolites and fluorides. They feature sufficient rigidity and mechanical stability, high temperature and high electrical resistance and low heat conductivity.
They are used as insulation of the inner panelling board in stoves, wood burning stoves and fireplaces, or in industry as an insulating panelling of blast furnaces, etc.
Grenaisol insulation boards are also made of refractory materials, are resistant against heat shocks and are highly insulating. Grenaisol boards are very stable and do not release any vapours even at high temperatures.
Grenaisol boards can be used not only as a healthy material for easy construction of your fireplace shell or insulation chambers of a tiled stove but at the same time, they help to ensure sufficient insulation. Grenaisol boards can be used not only as wall insulation behind a heat source.
Grenaboard is very light and strong non-combustible board. This board is surfaced on both sides with paper and all four edges pressed for easy connection. Grenaboard is certified to increase fire resistance of different types of ceiling structures.
Grenagloss boards are MDF boards with special high gloss acrylic foil unilaterally or bilaterally pressed with 1 or 2 mm of thickness. Foiled boards can be unilaterally or bilaterally modified by spreading the foil or other suitable material – paper, fabric, rubber, imitation leather, plastic foil.




The boards are used for acoustic panelling. They effectively absorb, reflect or disperse noise. By using acoustic panels you can achieve desired acoustic quality, including reducing reverberation time and improved listening conditions in a confined space. Acoustic panelling is combined by using individual acoustic elements and materials, which create the interior panelling of the room in the planned design. There is a wide range of finishes so that you can choose a colour, a type of perforation, and a material.
In the collection News 2012 GRENA kitchen doors introduce 4 new designs – matt alabaster, matt caffe latte, matt lava, matt mauve. GRENA matt foils are designed for kitchen doors as well as for interior boards Grenagloss so apart from kitchens they are suitable for bathrooms, wall panelling, doors, built-in wardrobes and other vertical areas.
As for kitchens GRENA also offers decorative acrylic panels with a high gloss designed for interior walls panelling. Cladding kitchen panels Splashback are smooth with an exquisite high gloss and at the same time they are strong and hard. Installation and maintenance of the Splashback panels is very easy and above it all they are simply effective and elegant.
Polished cladding panels Splashback, matt doors Grena and matt boards Grenagloss will certainly make your home cosy and homey.



tel.: +420 381 549 111
fax: +420 381 581 071
e-mail: grena@grena.cz
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