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Grenadeck can be easily cleaned with water.


For heavily soiled or stained surfaces you can use a jet wash (high-pressure wash, max pressure 80 bar, a minimum distance of 20 cm from the profiles).

Spots such as grilled meat should be washed immediately with warm water and mild soap. We do not recommend using any cleaning solvents.



Removing of greasy stains

Recommended cleaners:
To remove greasy stains of organic origin (vegetable oil, animal fat) from the Grenadeck terrace surface we recommend using perchlorethylene, which is commonly available in drugstores.
You can also use benzine (after benzine application a very faint stain may remain on the edge of the cleaned area).

Note: both products are comparable economically.


Cleaning procedure:
For the oily stain (Fig. 1) apply the detergent with a sponge (Fig. 2) or spray, then clean and wipe dry with a clean cloth (Fig. 3). Repeat as necessary until the final cleanup (Fig. 4).

čištění 1 čištění 2 čištění 3 čištění 4
Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4


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