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Protection of steel column

 Steel may be classified as fire-proof material without any special tests, nevertheless in the case of higher heat load (during fire) it quickly looses its bearing capacity which affects the building structure stability. Therefore the steel structures must be protected to prevent collapse of buildings dangerous for people for necessary, specified time.
 The Grenamat AL fire-proof boards have been tested in the state accredited PAVUS laboratory for the purpose of building structures protection and dimensional tables have been prepared on the basic of such tests.
 Considering the certified structures verified by tests it is necessary to comply with the installation method, used material and fire-proof boards dimensions.
 Grenamat AL boards are light, strong, provide possibility of surface treatment by laminate, thin plaster, paint or natural plywood. The boards surface treatment may be prepared prior installation. The Grenamat AL fire-proof boards may be processed by normal wood processing tools.
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Vertical columns panelling

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1. Column panelling by fire-proof board Grenamat AL
- board thickness determination in accordance with table Ap/V, max. board length 2.400 mm
2. Connection elements - screws
- screw lenght must be min. double thickness of the board
- 200 mm screw span
- tapping screws, diameter 4,5 mm
3. Panelling transverse seams
- displace at least by 20 mm to prevent cross seams at any place
- seams field with by Grena Klebepaste fore-proof cement down to 5 mm of the seam depth
4. Steel beam

5. Assemly Grenamat AL
- width 120 mm, thickness at least 24 mm, height in accordance with the beam type; must be firmly fixed to the profile
6. Grenamat AL base element

Determination of steel beam panel thickness

The panel thickness is determined on the basis of the proportion between the panelled rod element heated perimeter and the cross-section area. Those parts which would actually be exposed to fire must be considered. In the case of columns is usually concern all four sides, in the case of beams usually three sides. The tables on sheets 9-16 specify the minimum panel thickness that must be applied.

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From the table:
R30 d = 12 mm
R45 d = 16 mm
R90 d = 38 mm

h = profile height (m)
b = profile width (m)
Ap = paneling perimeter (m)
V = cross-section area (m2)


Examples of the Ap/V proportion calculation

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